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We know how challenging it is to find a job in aviation.
Pilot Path gives you access to positions that match your aeronautical experience as soon as they become available.
You are notified of these jobs and get to decide if you want to express interest or not.

Pilot Path

Create your free profile, capturing all your aeronautical experience and employment history.

  • Update it any time.
  • Access your free professionally formatted resume any time.


Your details are searched with every new job listing created.


If you meet any of the employer minimums, your details are displayed in their search results.

  • For confidentiality, only your aeronautical experience is displayed (no names, contact details, employer history, referees etc).


Employers select all pilots that they are interested in.


Pilots are notified of these jobs and can accept or reject interest.

  • Accepting interest allows the employer to view your full profile.
  • Rejecting the job removes you from the employer list.


Employers can now view your full profile and create a shortlist to interview.

  • Pilots are notified if they were surpassed, or if they made the shortlist.


Employers interview the shortlist and issue job offers.

  • Pilots are notified if they were surpassed, or if they have been offered the job.

Your resume
  • As a Pilot Path member, your resume will be available in a professional format that has been designed by pilots and employers.
  • It will contain all the information you need to be able to make a good impression for an interview.
  • Keep your employment history concise. Interviewers do not have much time to read long-winded resumes.
  • When writing your cover letter, make sure you know who to address.
At the interview
  • Ensure you know as much as possible about the company, its fleet and its operations. Being prepared shows your commitment to professionalism and ensures that you can relate your skills and the conversation to their operation.
  • Always present yourself - and your car - in a neat and tidy condition when job searching.
  • KNOW YOUR STUFF. Ensure you are totally proficient with your flying abilities, aircraft knowledge, rules and regulations. Interviewers are not there to trick you but gain an understanding of your abilities and knowledge.
  • Try to relax and be yourself. All employers want to get a sense for who you are as a person, as much as they want to see your flying ability. Personality has a lot to do with the selection process all the way through your flying career.

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